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Maldives open to sending emissary

President Abdullah Yameen’s special envoy had to abort his trip mid-way after India refused to engage him, the Ambassador of Maldives told The Hindu, adding, however, that Male still wanted to send an emissary at a mutually convenient time.

In an exclusive conversation, Ambassador Ahmed Mohamed said former President Mohammed Nasheed had committed ‘treason’ by calling for India’s military intervention in the ongoing political crisis in the country which also drew a strong condemnation from Male’s defence ministry on Tuesday.

“The request to host an envoy is pending with the Indian government since the last envoy was asked not to board the connecting flight from Abu Dhabi to Delhi, after we were informed about non-availability of top-level appointments in India,” said Ambassador Mohamed, indicating that Male’s desire for dialogue with India was not reciprocated in the first attempt.

Request pending

The Hindu had earlier reported that India was the first country that was to be visited by an envoy from Male, however, after India’s refusal, the visit did not take place. The Maldives has so far sent envoys to Pakistan, China and Saudi Arabia. The Ambassador said India and others should act and hand over former President Mohammed Nasheed to Male as he was a “convicted criminal”.

“Does (he) even qualify to be called a Maldivian as he has committed treason by calling for an attack on his motherland which is a sovereign independent country,” asked Mr Mohamed, calling an internal solution to the crisis in the Maldives.

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