Maldives Olympic Committee meets with National Sports Associations

The Maldives Olympic Committee (MOC) has held a series of meetings with its National Sports Associations (NSAs) to gather information on their financial needs in 2021.

Officials from the MOC met with their NSA counterparts to help “align its 2021 budget”, the National Olympic Committee said.

Each NSA was asked to share their annual activity calendar and how they hoped to finance their activities in a year which is again expected to be impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

They were also asked to inform of the MOC what areas they need assistance in.

The Maldives has sent athletes to every Summer Olympic Games since Seoul 1988 ©Getty ImagesThe Maldives has sent athletes to every Summer Olympic Games since Seoul 1988 ©Getty Images

The MOC will hold follow-up meetings with the NSAs once it has determined what financial support it is able to offer them.

The meetings come prior to an annual business meeting between the MOC and the NSAs, approved by the General Assembly last year.

The MOC’s budget will be among the main topics discussed at its General Assembly this year.

Athletes from the Maldives have competed at every Summer Olympic Games since Seoul 1988, but the country is yet to win a medal.

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