Maldives: More than just a honeymoon haven – The Filipino Times (press release)

Are you one of the many who wait until you have a lover to visit the romantic and tranquil country of Maldives? Admit it or not, Maldives has always been synonymous to being a luxurious honeymoon destination. We have seen couples from all over the world fly just to see this tiny piece of paradise on earth. But what if we tell you Maldives is just perfect for everyone?

According to Haris Mohamed, acting managing director of Maldives Marketing and PR Corp. the tourist destination is a perfect place for everyone.

“Whether you’re looking to travelling solo, adventure with friends, romantic escapade with your loved one or quality time with your family, Maldives has something in store for you,” he said in an interview with The Filipino Times during the Arabian Travel Market held in Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) on April 24- 27, 2017.

“There are a lot of things you can come across Maldives like new facilities, for example, underwater restaurants, underwater spa, and underwater wine cellar. These are new innovations. And also, it is not only luxurious resorts, there are safaris, guest houses and some city hotels as well,” he said.

Hussain Lirar, Maldives deputy tourism minister added that Maldives is not solely a honeymoon destination.

“Every destination has its uniqueness and Maldives is completely different than any other destination. You can only feel it when you go to Maldives,” Lirar said.

Mohamed said they have successfully made Maldives a brand that focuses on various segments such as honeymooners, spa and wellness segment, adventure (water activities), family and local culture.

“These are the segments that we promote under the Maldives brand even though we position it as a high luxurious brand, any visitor can enjoy their holidays the way they like in different range of prices,” he said.

Apart from the splendid tropical views, Maldives is known for its wide-range of exciting water activities like diving, surfing, snorkelling, big game fishing, whale submarine, night fishing and island hopping. Plus, an immersion with the Maldivians will also make the stay memorable.

“One of the reasons why a lot of tourists come back to Maldives is because of how the locals accept visitors, they are warm and hospitable,” Mohamed said.

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