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‘Maldives is not open for Indian military purposes’: MP Didi

Former Brigadier General and the current parliament member for Hithadhoo Central, Ibrahim Mohamed Didi, released a statement Thursday saying that former President Mohamed Nasheed’s recent proclamation of India’s previous ties with Addu City do not infer that Addu or any other Maldivian territory can be used for Indian military purposes.

In his ongoing visit to Addu Atoll, Nasheed had expressed that the people of Addu City’s interests are more associated with India rather than the Maldives itself. Ruling Progressive of Maldives (PPM) has raised their concerns over Nasheed’s comments, saying that it acts as a threat to the Maldives as a sovereign state.

Nasheed’s statement has been interpreted in various ways, with some illustrating that this could be an indication of the Maldives becoming dependent on India, while others infer his message as opening the Maldives to India for military use.

“We do not believe in any way that this country will serve the military purposes of any country. Also, I do not believe that there is even a possibility of our state allowing such course of actions,” said Didi who is a master’s graduate in philosophy from the Defence College of India.

According to Solih’s defence policies, the Maldives will give utmost priority of safeguarding the independence of its allies and neighbouring countries. The unbiased policies of foreign affairs show that the country’s ‘first line of defence’ can be achieved.

Didi declared that the future government’s policies will act certainly to avoid being dependent upon another country and that the Maldives will not be a burden to its allies.

The Maldives is geographically located in a strategic hub to the superpowers of the world, especially Addu Atoll, the location of which is highly regarded for defence purposes in the Indian Ocean.

While the Maldives has been pressured by the international community to hold defence territories, the constitution does not allow any such course to be taken easily.

Article 251 of the constitution stipulates that the Maldives cannot hold any foreign military bases unless such a motion is passed by all of the members of the parliament.

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