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Maldives image ‘tarnished’, only democratic reform will reverse situation: Ambassador Rohde

Maldives has had a positive reputation that has become stained by events that have transpired here, and only a ‘return to democracy’ can reverse this situation, German Ambassador Joern Rohde has said.

Ambassador Rohde, who alongside EU Ambassador Tung-Lai Margue and British Ambassador James Dauris was rejected for meetings with the government, expressed this through his Twitter account.

The ambassador’s sentiments echo existing concerns that Maldives’ drawn-out state of emergency, announced in February and lasting through March, is hurting its lucrative and essential tourism sector.

Guesthouses in Maafushi island, a centre for the industry that boomed when it was first established, have reported wrecking amounts of cancellations.

Germany has been heavily vocal, along with the European Union, in calling for judicial and legislative independence in the Maldives.

It was among a host of nations that urgently called on the government to enforce the Supreme Court’s ruling to release unfairly detained prisoners and later to end the state of emergency, the violent crackdown on activists, repression of political opposition and the intimidation of journalists.

The European Parliament also voted to adopt a resolution calling for targeted sanctions on human rights abusers in the Maldives, that includes asset freezes and travel bans.

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