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Maldives holidays: Tropical holidays are back on for Britons as Maldives border reopens

Britons are to be welcomed back to the Maldives following the announcement that the country is lifting its border restrictions. International tourists, including those from the UK, will be allowed to travel to the island nation from July 15, 2020.

Hotels and resorts will also reopen from this date if they are on uninhabited islands.

Hotels, guest houses and resorts on inhabited islands will not reopen until August 1.

In an address to the nation on Tuesday, June 23, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced plans to restart tourism to the country in line with new protective measures designed to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The move comes amid growing economic struggles in the country which relies heavily on the tourism industry.

Maldives holidays borders reopen

The Maldives has reopened its border (Image: Getty Images)

beach in the maldives

Travellers will be able to enter the Maldives from July 15 (Image: Getty Images)

Now, tourists will be welcomed back without the need for a coronavirus test or any official documentation from medical professionals.

However, new measures set out in the Maldives “Public Health Interventions to Prevent COVID-19 Transmission in the Tourism Sector” plans suggest they will protect not only holidaymakers but staff working in the industry.

According to the guidelines, tourists are not required to pay an additional fee, produce a certificate or test result indicative of negative status for COVID-19 prior to entry into the Maldives.

For tourists without symptoms, there is no requirement for quarantine either.

However, the Maldives government says travellers who have been in contact with someone suspected or confirmed to have the virus in the 14 days prior to travel are asked to refrain from entering the country.

Similarly, those showing symptoms themselves are asked not to travel.

Tourists who hope to visit the Maldives during phase one of the border relaxation are asked to stay at only one hotel.

Stays at multiple resorts are banned during this period.

couple on Maldives beach

Hotels on some islands will not open until August (Image: Getty Images)

When flying into the country, visitors will be asked to submit an honest health declaration card upon arrival, when they will then be provided with a free 30-day tourist visa.

Passenger should also follow social distancing rules when travelling, as well as wearing face masks and observing good hand hygiene.

Installing the contact tracing app “TraceEkee” to help assist in the country’s track and trace effort is also being encouraged for all tourists.

Prior to departure, visitors will be asked to undergo an “exit screening” which will document any new developments of symptoms. Temperatures may also be checked at this time.


Holidays: Which countries have open borders? (Image: DX)

“Testing services are available in the Maldives for tourists who require COVID-19 test results to return to their countries of origin or another destination,” said a VisitMaldives spokesperson.

They added: “We look forward to welcoming you to the sunny side of life once again.”

The news comes as the UK government gears up to unveil a list of countries where air bridges are in place.

It is not yet known if the Maldives will be on this list, though it has been speculated most countries will be short-haul or European destinations.

Full details are available at the link below:

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