Maldives’ Government refutes claims made by some media that the Parliament has been taken over by the Military – Press Releases

The President's Office

The Government of Maldives refutes claims made by some media outlets that the Parliament has been taken over by the Military.

The Secretariat of the Parliament has issued a press statement regarding these false claims.

In the statement, the Parliament Secretariat has pointed out that no voting was scheduled to be conducted on 24 July 2017, contrary to some media reports. The statement also says that all members of the parliament have been informed by the Parliament Secretariat on 23 July 2017, that the next sitting of the Parliament would be held on 31 July 2017, until when, no Parliamentary Committee meetings have been scheduled.

The Parliament Secretariat, in its statement, noted that certain parties have been calling to stage a protest on 24 July 2017 near Parliament premises, and that due to these security concerns, the Parliament Secretariat has requested the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) to strengthen security measures in the Parliament building and its premises.

The special measures taken by the security forces at the Parliament building on 24 July 2017, were to ensure the security and safety of the premises, as mandated by the Article 105 of the Constitution.

The Government reiterates the utmost priority attached to ensuring the security and safety of all Maldivian citizens. The Government also urges all media outlets to responsibly verify information before disseminating it to the public.

Link to the press statement issued by the Parliament Secretariat: http://www.majlis.gov.mv/en/wp-content/uploads/English-news-release.pdf




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