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Maldives flights down to $391 return

AirAsia is at it again with perfectly priced tickets to paradise.

Malaysia’s low-cost airline AirAsia has slashed the price on Maldives flights once again, this time taking them down under $400 return to a low, low starting price of $391 return.

These are last minute fares, taking off in May and June – so you’ll need to sort your annual leave out pretty quickly to abuse them but at these prices, they might well be worth it.

Prices start from $391 when departing from the Gold Coast with Perth calling in the second cheapest fares, which start from $444 return.

From there is a steady include to $510 return flights from Melbourne and $532 return flights from Sydney.

While there’s no end date to this sale, it’s unlikely it’ll stick around for long. So if you’re keen, you can search for your travel dates as well as book these babies right now through I Want That Flight.

How good are these fares?

When on sale flights to the Maldives tend to fall under $400 return – which is when you should start taking an interest. While these aren’t the cheapest we’ve seen Maldives flights go down to this year, they’re only a few dollars out and are ready to be snapped up by those who want them.

To be honest, though, you may or may not want to wait for something else as May-June is monsoon season in the area. This does explain the low fares though if you must travel with this sale, aim for May dates as they’re drier than June’s.

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