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Maldives establishes relations with Zambia

Maldives on Sunday established diplomatic relations with Zambia.

The joint communiqué establishing relations between the two countries was signed by Maldives’ Ambassador to the United Nations, Dr. Ali Naseer Mohamed and Zambia’s Permanent Representative, Lazarous Kapambwe, at a ceremony held at Bandos Resort on Sunday.

Zambia gained independence from Britain in October 1964. With a population of over 16.59 million, Zambia is a landlocked country of rugged terrain and diverse wildlife, with many parks and safari areas.

Back in 2010, World Bank named it one of the world’s ‘fastest economically reformed countries’.

Incumbent President Abdulla Yameen’s administration has severed diplomatic ties with both Iran and Qatar, while cutting trade ties with Myanmar in 2017, due to the continued violence against Rohingya Muslims. The Maldivian government left the Commonwealth in October 2016, after mounting pressure from the 53-nation group over corruption and deteriorating human rights.

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