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Maldives declares state of emergency

president yameen

President Yameen in his acceptance speech for the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Asia HRD Awards 2017. PHOTO/PRESIDENT’S OFFICE

Maldives President Abdulla Yameen has declared a state of emergency.

The announcement was made by the President’s Office Legal Affairs Minister Azima Shukoor at a press conference held Monday night. Attorney General Mohamed Anil was also present at the conference.

The state of emergency would be in force for a period of 15-days.

Azima had cited obstruction of the functioning of government due to the Supreme Court’s ruling late Thursday, as a reason for the sudden declaration.

Anil, meanwhile, assured that Maldives’ tourism industry, or local business would not be affected during this time.

Article 253 of the Constitution states that a state of emergency can only be declared in the event of a natural disaster, dangerous epidemic disease, war, threat to national security, or threatened foreign aggression.

With the declaration of the state of emergency, the following Articles of the Constitution have been suspended: Article 24: Privacy, Article 29: Freedom of information, 
Article 31: Right to Strike, 
Article 32: Freedom of Assembly, 
Article 43: Fair and Administrative Action, 
Article 44: Personal Liability, 
Article 45: No unlawful arrest or detention, 
Article 46: Power of arrest and detention, 
Article 47: Search and seizure, 
Article 49: Right Release of accused, 
Article 50: Right Prompt investigation and prosecution, 
Article 56: Right to appeal, 
Article 58: Right to Compensation, 
Article 65: Application to Court to obtain a remedy, 
Article 99: Summoning persons, 
Article 100: Removal of President or Vice President
, Article 101: Vote of no confidence in a member of the Cabinet, 
Article 113: Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, 
Article 145 (c): Supreme Court as final authority on the interpretation of the Constitution and matters dealt with by a court of law, the 
Criminal Procedure Act, and 
Judicature Act 12 and 14.

However, Article 258 of the Constitution, which states that the Supreme Court shall determine any issues with regard to the validity in whole or part of the declaration or any law or order made pursuant to the emergency, was not withheld.

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