Maldives crisis: Former vice president seeks India’s help

A file photo showing the former vice president Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed during an official ceremony. Jameel had fled to the UK last July days before he was impeached in a controversial vote

Former vice president of Maldives Mohamed Jameel Ahmed said India must lead international efforts to restore democracy in island nation after President Abdulla Yameen extended emergency for 30 days.

Jameel Ahmed said, ” People of Maldives tried all available measures to restore democracy. Judiciary has given its judgment, Parliament has tried, constitutional institutions have tried and they all are unable to restore rule of law and democracy in the Maldives.”

He said, “In such circumstances, my opinion is that international community must come to help. I believe India must lead international efforts to restore democracy in the Maldives using all available legal mechanisms within the international law.”

Maldives govt welcomes preparations for Presidential Elections.

The former vice president has called for international support after the Government of Maldives welcomed the announcement of the Elections Commission’s decision to begin preparations for the Presidential Elections to be held this year.

The Maldivian Government reiterated its commitment to provide a free and stable environment to carry out campaigns which will lead up to this year’s Presidential Elections.

“It is noted in the statement that free, fair and credible elections are the foundation of our democracy and that it is essential for continuity of our nation’s growth, stability and prosperity, ” President’s office stated.

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