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Maldives coronavirus: UK government issues urgent warning as Maldives unveil strict rules

The Maldives are also clamping down on movement within the islands.

“The Government of Maldives has declared a Public Health Emergency, effective until 10 April,” detailed the FCO.

“Travel from and to resorts from all inhabited islands is suspended. All excursion activities (such as day trips to picnic islands, fishing and dolphin watching) from all islands, resorts, safaris and guesthouses are now banned across the country until further notice.

“Public spaces like parks or sports grounds are temporarily closed.”


Britons will be unable to book into Maldivian hotels during this time.

“Guesthouses and city hotels on all islands across the Maldives are currently banned from accepting any new bookings,” said the FCO.

“This ban does not affect guests currently checked-in to any facilities.

“Speak to your tour operator for further information.”

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Google News

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