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Douglas David Seifert visited the Maldives to research his article on the impact extensive development is having on the archipelago compounded by global warming and coral bleaching –Is Paradise Lost? Here is a portfolio of some of the images he took documenting the stunning marine environment facing serious challenges…

SEIFERT.Maldives N810068 1 copy

The reefs are peppered with soft-coral covered overhangs


A giant frogfish waits to ambush unwary fish passing too close to its cavernous mouth

SEIFERT.Maldives N810176 1 copy

More than 1,100 species of fish are known to live in the Maldives

SEIFERT.Maldives N813847 1 copy

Bluestripe snapper are ubiquitous on the reefs of the Maldives

SEIFERT.Maldives N814600 1 copy

A pufferfish feeding on the coral substrate

SEIFERT.Maldives N810510 1 copy

Honeycomb moray eel

 SEIFERT.Maldives N819883 1 copy

Moray eels extend their jaws for breathing purposes – mouthfuls of oxygen-rich water are pumped across their gills 

Eigth spread SEIFERT.Maldives N814398 1 copy

Manta rays on mass

SEIFERT.Maldives N818575 1 copy

As many as 10,000 manta rays are thought to be resident in the archipelago

SEIFERT.Maldives N818537 1 copy

Without question, the Maldives is still one of the best places in the world to see manta rays

SEIFERT.Maldives N811334 1 copy

Vast school of golden sweepers

SEIFERT.Maldives N818782 1 copy

The more remote reefs of the Maldives are awash in fish

SEIFERT.Maldives N813823 1 copy

A large titan triggerfish out on the reef

SEIFERT.Maldives N814635 1 copy

Bluestriped snappers take refuge out of the current beneath a wall of soft coral

Page 5 SEIFERT.Maldives N810300 1 copy

A clown triggerfish and a soft-coral covered outcrop

SEIFERT.Maldives N817375 1 copy

Schooling Oriental sweetlips

SEIFERT.Maldives N814766 1 copy

Moray eels rely on their sense of smell to locate prey

SEIFERT.Maldives N813989 1 copy

Smaller fish feed on the plankton in the nutrient-rich currents and larger fish feed on them

SEIFERT.Maldives N814660 1 copy

A small shoal of Oriental sweetlips sheltering behind a soft-coral covered outcrop

SEIFERT.Maldives N815201 1 copy

Profusion of gorgonia

SEIFERT.Maldives N817532 1 copy

A large gorgonian braced against the current

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Google News

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