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Maldives call stoppage on military action against Palestine minors

Hala Hameed addresses the United Nation’s Human Rights Council.

The Maldives had called out to Israeli military to cease taking military actions against the children and minors of Palestine.

Speaking at the assembly at Geneva, Switzerland on Tuesday the Maldives representative at the Human Rights Council of United Nations, Hala Hameed alleged that Israel had failed to act towards Palestinian children upon the changes brought by the country on the juvenile justice system.

The Human Rights Council initiated the assembly in order to evaluate Israel’s actions towards preserving human rights.

“We would like to stress that Israel has failed in upholding the rights of Palestinian children who are getting arrested illicitly while they fall victim to Israel’s conflicts,” Hameed said while addressing the assembly.

Hameed also noted the Middle-Eastern nation had failed to preserve and protect rights and needs of physically disabled citizens in Palestine while many are restricted or stripped off from their rights to basic medication and treatment.

The Maldives had conditioned two ultimatums to Israel urging the country to cease their sanctioning and restrictions on Palestinians getting medical treatment and medicine and to guarantee the safety of children in the battle-torn state of Palestine.

Apart from Maldives several other nations presented at the council had directed stern criticisms towards the state of Israel while pro-Israel sentimentalist countries like Myanmar, India and US were mum about placing any criticisms.

In fact the Indian representative, Virender Kumar had praised Israel’s policy in providing protection to minority ethnic groups, which he was referring to the Arabs given sanctuary by the Jewish state. The only condition placed by India to Israel was to provide sanctuary to fleeing Jews from other nations.

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