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Maldives and its 6 traditional dishes to increase your craving


The Maldivian cuisine is famous for its rich influences from the neighboring countries like Sri Lanka and India. When you would visit this beautiful country, you would come across a myriad of delicious local cuisines. As the country is entirely surrounded by waters, fish is the main ingredient in most of the world-renowned Maldivian dishes. If you made your airways ticket to this amazing country, then you must not miss out these mouth-watering appetizing dishes. Have a read at some of them:

1. Kulhi Boakibaa: This is a fish cake that is prepared by the locals in Maldives. This is considered to be a snack food in the country and is referred locally as “hedhikaa”. The fish cake comprises of tuna fish and coconut with somewhat a spicy touch to it. This instills the appealing gastronomical flavors to this famous dish. The Kulhi Boakibaa is available in all the local cafes and famous restaurants in Maldives. Have a taste for yourself when in Maldives!

2. Gulha: This is another form of local snacks that is highly popular among the natives. This dish is usually the fish balls. The most important feature of this appealing dish is the delectable and exotic filling of the fish balls. The filling is usually made of smoked tuna, onion, green chilies, curry leaves, ginger, lemon and salt. It is a perfect mix of crunchiness with a tinge of chili effect. The dough is prepared with coconut and flour. The dough is shaped into balls and then deep fried. Yummy!

3. Bajiya: This is another popular short eat that comes in triangular shape. This dish adorns the weddings and special occasions in the country. These resemble the Indian “Samosas”. However, the stuffing is a bit different. You can relish on the stuffing of dried fish, curry powder, curry leaves, and onion. Bajiya can be consumed as baked or deep fried.

4. Egg Curry: You cannot consider your visit to Maldives complete without a taste of this delectable dish. The curries form the most basic and popular Maldivian dishes. Among all the different varieties of curries, the egg curry is the most famous one. It is an everyday dish and you can spot it in various local restaurants and food stalls. The Maldivian egg curry is a thick, flavored sauce with a pinch of chili and salt.

5. Bambukeylu Hiti: This is a form of breadfruit in Maldives. It is enhanced with a mixture of coconut milk and then it can be served as a curry. Sometimes, the breadfruit is even deep fried. This is another delectable dish in Maldives that you must try out.

6. Foni Boakibaa: This is another mouth-watering dish in the locality of Maldives that is served as a rice pudding that is baked as a cake. This is sweet in flavor. You can come across a tinge of coconut as well in this dish that is quite common among the local Maldivians.

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