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‘Maldives 2021’ Facebook Giveaway Scam

According to a post currently being shared across Facebook, you can win a 14-night vacation at a luxury Maldives resort.

Supposedly, all you need to do for a chance to win is share and comment on the post before July 4.  The post, which features a series of images depicting the Maldives, appears on a newly created Facebook Page called “Maldives 2021”.

The post promises that flights and other travel expenses will be included in the prize.

However, the post is yet another Facebook giveaway scam. The promised prize is not real and those who choose to participate have no chance of winning a Maldives vacation or any other prize. The images have been stolen from travel and resort websites.

Like the endless parade of similar scams that have come before it, the post is designed to promote the bogus Facebook Page and gather as many likes and shares as possible.

By offering such an enticing – albeit non-existent – vacation prize as bait, the scammers behind the fake giveaway are able to rapidly accumulate many new Page likes and get their post seen by an ever-increasing number of Facebook users.  Every share, like, and comment helps to promote the Facebook Page across the network, all for free.

Later, the scammers can use their, now much more popular, Facebook Page to launch survey scams or other types of dodgy activity. This time, they can potentially reach a much wider audience and make a profit by duping many more victims.

Alternatively, after building their Page likes via the fake giveaway, the scammers might sell the Page on the black market to other scammers. The more likes a Page has, the more it may sell for.

If one of these fake prize posts comes your way, don’t be tempted to participate.  You have no chance of winning anything, and by joining in, you will be helping Facebook crooks scam your friends. Just don’t do it!

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