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Malaysia bans foreign driver’s licence including Maldivian driver’s licence

The Maldivian Embassy in Malaysia declared that with the changes brought to Malaysian Road Transportation Law, a foreign driving licence can no longer be used.

According to the statement released by the Embassy, Malaysia has issued a temporary ban on using a foreign driver’s licence.

The statement urged Maldivians in Malaysia to stop the usage of their Maldivian driver’s licence which was previously used with a letter issued by the Embassy.

Additionally, the embassy advised Maldivians residing in Malaysia to get a Malaysian driving licence or use an international driver’s licence if they have one.

As per the statement, the ban did not differentiate the Maldives from the rest of the countries and is applicable to all licences issued outside of Malaysia and Singapore.

Furthermore, the statement revealed that the Maldivian government is working with relevant authorities to find a solution.

Several Maldivians use Maldivian driver’s licence to drive in Malaysia.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Google News

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