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Major probe launched after tragic honeymooning couple drown in same tropical paradise waters in the Maldives where Irish newlywed died

Tragic newlywed Andrew Roddy with wife Gill Campion

A MAJOR probe has been launched after a honeymooning couple drowned in the same tropical paradise waters where Irish newlywed Andrew Roddy lost his life.

Tragic Andrew died while swimming with his bride during their honeymoon in the Maldives.

The 30-year-old from Killester, north Dublin, was with wife Gill Campion in the Indian Ocean’s tropical waters when she “turned around and Andrew was gone” 15 months ago.

The Irish Sun on Sunday revealed how a mum suddenly collapsed and ‘died’ at the same spot just two weeks after Andrew lost his life.

Now the Maldives government has announced a major review of all resorts following another honeymoon horror in the country.

High school sweethearts Leomar Lagradilla, 30, and his wife Erika Joyce, 29, died while snorkelling last weekend.

 Leomar Lagradilla and his wife Erika Joyce died while snorkelling last weekend

Leomar Lagradilla and his wife Erika Joyce died while snorkelling last weekend

Their grieving family say the authorities have not given them “the full details of why they died” or “what really happened”.

Amid the mystery, Maldives Tourism Minister Ali Waheed has pledged to work together with island councils to ensure that the Maldives would be a safe travel destination.

Authorities will soon be establishing safe zones for swimming on its every island following the drownings.

The minister said authorities will work together with island councils toward this effort to ensure that the Maldives would be a safe travel destination.

Waheed said: “We have decided to inspect all tourist facilities in the Maldives within the next six to eight months. Regular monitoring must be done to ensure that regulations are followed.”

Teams comprised of ministry officials, police and military will carry out random inspections, he added.


A special committee has also been formed on the advice of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to address concerns and review regulations on operating resorts, guesthouses, travel agencies as well as rules about water sports and fire and safety.

“Some of these regulations are very outdated. They need to be modernised with the changes in time and development,” Waheed said.

Discussions are also underway with island councils to designate safe swimming areas, he said, whilst tourist police officers would be stationed on all islands “to provide protection that equals their beauty.”

Waheed promised, “revolutionary changes” in 2019, which would be a “record-breaking year” for the tourism industry after 1.4 million tourists visited the Maldives last year.

Europeans accounted for nearly half of arrivals and Chinese holidaymakers represented the largest market share with 19 per cent.

The tropical nation in the Indian Ocean is popular for its white-sand beaches and luxury resorts.

Filipino sweethearts Leomer and Erika Joyce Lagradilla drowned while snorkelling off Dhiffushi island in the Maldives last weekend.

The two nurses, based in Singapore and Riyadh, were married just a month ago. They headed to the famed beach destination for their honeymoon on January 11, 2019.

Lagradilla’s sister said: “They cannot give the full details why my brother and sister-in-law drowned. As of now, nobody from the hotel has messaged us what really happened.”

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