Maisaan of Aasandha impresses with five goals against NCIT

Ibrahim Maisaan of Club Aasandha scored five goals against NCIT to take his team to top of Group-A. His first goal came inside the first minute, scoring a rebound from a shot from Ahmed Abdulla (Lily).

Aasandha created more chances early in the game. However, NCIT pushed harder to come into the game, late first half.

Maisaan punished NCIT again for the weak start to the second half, and scored two goals inside two minutes.

NCIT came close to level, with two goals in two minutes from Maajid Abdul Qafoor (Maadu). However, Ali Hamdhaan of Aasandha extended the lead into the closing minutes of the match.

In the first match of Group-B, Prison Club defeated Ooredoo 6-2. Two goals from Ali Fasir-Sentey and his brother was not enough to send Ooredoo up front, but they had a good game in terms of creating chances.

Ibrahim Haleem took the lead for Prison club on the fifth minute. After extending the lead on the seventh minute, he runs off to jump, twirl, plant his feet with his hands by his side – yes, the trademark celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Adam Mansoor (Manthu) twice, Ahmed Vijdhaan (Viju) and Amjad Ali (Amjay) scored the other four goals for Prison Club. Man of the Match was awarded to the great goal celebrator Ibrahim Haleem of Prison Club.

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