Main opposition slams ban on use of Jumhoory Party’s flag, logo

Opposition rally held at Jumhoory Party PHOTO:Hussain Waheed/Mihaaru

Main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) proclaimed Monday that the flag and logo of Jumhoory Party (JP) is an intellectual property of JP and, therefore, their use cannot be banned.

In a statement condemning the Elections Commission’s order to ban the use of Jumhoory Party’s logo and flag for the similarities they bear with the president’s official flag, MDP slammed the EC saying that is an uncivilized and wicked act which shows that the current government is out of control.

The Elections Commission banned the use of JP’s flag and logo under the regulation to use the National Flag, which states that the President’s Flag consists of a crescent moon and a star, which faces inwards to the crescent, and that no other body should use a flag which resembles this flag and logo.

While this regulation was passed this March, JP has been using their flag since 2008 after approval by the EC.

Pointing out that MDP’s own logo, which features a balance on a yellow background, is similar to the logo of the Maldives Judiciary, MDP stated that they started to use the logo prior to the judiciary.

Meanwhile, JP unanimously agreed on Sunday that their National Council will file a lawsuit against the ban on their flag and logo.

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