Magnificent MPL crowned as the champions

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) has been crowned as the champions of 18/30 Women’s Futsal Fiesta (WFF) 2018. They defeated Police Club 3-2 on penalties, as the incredible forty minutes of play ended 1-1.

This is the very first time they will be decorating their trophy-rack with the large golden trophy of 18/30 WFF. They now go to the history of the tournament with Club Immigration, SRO Recreation Club, Dhivehi Sifainge Club and Fenaka. MPL is the 5th different team to win this tournament.

As the referee blew the whistle to kick-off, the most awaited event of the day was begun. At the beginning, Police Club played a dominating game. They held the ball under their feet more often. As a result, they came close to notch a goal, but their attempts went off target.

In the 6th minute of the match, MPL’s Aminath Shaamila (Shaa) recovered the ball from a miss pass by Anita Basnet (Anita) of Police Club. She then passed it to Seyedehzara Ahmadhizadeh and ran into the goal area of Police Club to receive the ball back, to open the scoring for MPL.

For a while, it was like an electricity cut-off for Police Club’s supporters. They went quite. Indeed, it was surprising to see them score in the Police Club’s dominance, with only the second chance on target.

They also got another good chance to extend their lead in the first half. That was also an opportunity created by Shaamilaa in the 14th minute when she ran in a counter attack. The low cross by Fathimath Joozaan Zareer (Joozaan) was wasted by Seyedehzara.

On the other hand, Police Club’s deadly attacking went on threatening Azam Akhondi’s goal. They both were involved in more than ten attempts, in search of a goal in the first half.

The equalizer for them came in the closing minutes of the first half, when Anita Basnet received a through ball to hit it through the legs of MPL’s goalkeeper Azam Akhondi.

Second half of the match was interesting as both teams attempted to end the contest before the final whistle. As such in the 4th minute of the second half, Police Club’s Sabitra Bandari almost scored from a beautiful volley to get the lead. However, the ball went inches wide. They also came close to another goal in more occasions, but most of them were off target, and the rest were thwarded by the goalkeeper of MPL, Azam Akhondi, who displayed a solid performance throughout the final match.

On the other hand, MPL also created more chances than the first half. Shaamila and Joozaan was involved in their best chances. But they were unfortunate to find the back of the net of Police Club.

From five minutes to fulltime, Police Club’s unsung hero, Fadhuwa, was knocked badly by the goalkeeper of MPL Azam Akhondi, when she ran forward in a counter attack. She initially tried to continue, but was later broke in tears as she was forced to walk out of the game.

Fulltime of the great contest ended 1-1 and the result was decided on penalties.

Fathimath Joozaan Zareer, Seyedehzahra Ahmadizadeh and Mariyam Rifa converted the penalties for MPL. Sabitra Bhandari and Anita Basnet of Police Club succeeded in converting, but the match was decided when Sanfa Ibrahim was thwarted by Azam to lift the championship title of the 9th edition of the tournament.


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