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MAA: Stem cell therapy for autism must be classified as unapproved

Maldives Autism Association (MAA) has announced plans to petition with authorities to urge them to classify stem cell therapy for autism spectrum disorder as an unapproved course of treatment.

In a statement last Sunday night, MAA stressed that stem cell therapy is not recognized in even the most developed country as a cure for autism.

The association noted that stem cell therapy for autism is an experimental treatment in its early stages of research.

It is not recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor recommended in any of the world’s leading clinical guidelines.

“We bring to the attention to the parents of the children at this centre that, given that parents and guardians are submitting the children under their care to such an experimental treatment being run in neighboring countries, we have decided to urge authorities to classify the treatment as currently unapproved in the Maldives,” wrote MAA in its statement.

There has recently been an increase in the number of parents of autistic children opting for stem cell therapy for autism. Many of them have held fundraising events to gather finances to undertake the treatment.

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