Local elections will proceed with or without candidate signatures: EC

some members of Elections Commission PHOTO:Mohamed Sharuhaan/Mihaaru

The Elections Commission (EC) on Wednesday declared that the upcoming Local Council Election will take place with or without the signatures of the candidates, their representatives or political parties.

Speaking exclusively to Mihaaru, the secretary general of EC Ahmed Ali said that the opportunity is now open for candidates, their representatives and political parties to sign the released voters list, stating that the election will take place regardless.

EC’s declaration comes in the wake of the opposition Jumhoory Party(JP) and Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) declining to sign the list, claiming that the voters list contradicts the guidelines of the Supreme Court. MDP claims that the list provided to the party does not include ID numbers of the voters while JP claims that they were given three different voters lists. The EC has since countered the accusations, declaring that the voters lists are valid and displaying the lists to the local press.

Secretary General Ahmed Ali said that candidates and political parties’ refusal to sign the lists will not be an obstruction to hold the election as the Supreme Court only orders to ensure that the voters list kept at the voting stations are valid.

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