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Local councils to be charged with running ice plants

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (R) and Minister of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture, Zaha Waheed (L) converse during official Fishermen’s Day function at G. A. Gemanafushi on December 12, 2018. (Photo/President’s Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced plans to charge local councils with the responsibility of managing ice plants on islands used by fishermen.

Speaking during the official State function to celebrate Fishermen’s Day at G. A. Gemanafushi last Wednesday, Solih noted that establishing ice plants in local islands was in his manifesto.

He said that the Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture was currently in the middle of research to find a way to run ice plants with the support of local councils.

Solih said that the lack of true benefit from ice plants was one of the biggest complaints by the fishing community.

“This administration has made the decision to seek the involvement of local councils in management ice plants in order ensure ice plants are run to the benefit of fishermen,” said Solih.

He said one of the biggest complaints he received from the fishing community of Gemanafushi was the shortage of ice to store fish. He promised to double the capacity of the 25-ton ice making plant at Gemanafushi.

Solih said the future of Maldivian economy was fisheries and “blue economy”.

“There are still many benefits we can derive from the coral reefs and waters of Maldives. Expanding fisheries and ensuring a fair price for fish the fishermen catch is one of our pledges,” said Solih.

The President said he was duty-bound to revitalize the fishing industry and reiterated his commitment to fulfilling his pledges.

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