Liveaboard vs Island Based Diving Holidays in Maldives

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Just imagine yourself sitting near a beach resort, sipping your favorite drink, cool breeze flowing through your hair and you gaze into the horizon watching waves of the beautiful Indian Ocean. This is what resort and island based diving holidays in Maldives have to offer. The Maldives is known to be one of the most picturesque holiday destinations with a perfect mix offering adrenaline rush in the form diving and tranquility in the form of fabulous liveaboards. For a traveler looking to swim among the marine life and enjoy the sunset in luxury, there is no better option that Maldives liveaboards.
There are basically two types of diving — Island based diving and liveaboard diving. Scuba divers around the world peg Maldives as one of the top scuba diving holiday destinations with its dazzling beaches, crystal clear waters, an underwater paradise, home to majestic coral reefs teeming with spectacular marine life.

Island Based Diving

Be it island based diving, resort based diving, or any land based diving, this option offers a perfect mix of flexibility and comfort. It is ideal for travelers who prefer to live in a luxurious resort but also want to enjoy scuba diving. While during the day you could go deep diving, in the evening you could sit on the beach and relax. You get the best of both world as you experience both the sea and all the wonderful views it has to offer, then come back at the end of the day to your room.

Liveaboard Diving

Those travelers who want to intake the best that Maldives has to offer prefer liveaboard diving. It involves living on a luxury liveaboard and diving from there itself. Additionally, everyday, you get to relax in a new location in the Indian Ocean, which offers a whole new experience.

Maldives is a gigantic adventure playground just waiting to be explored for beginners and experienced scuba divers alike. Whatever you choose island based diving or liveaboard diving, you can be sure to get once in a lifetime experience.

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