Liveaboard diving in Ari Atoll, Maldives with “Ari Queen”

After my year living and working as Dive instructor in the Maldives, I was dead set on doing a liveaboard in the country. The main reason behind this being the fact I would be on the flipside of my usual situation – no longer would I be the guide, checking my guests as they geared up and then guiding them underwater, but instead I would be the guest. Goodbye the worry and pressure of ensuring everyone was having a good time – I could just focus on myself and blowing bubbles and enjoy feasting my eyes on the beautiful marine fauna of the Indian ocean. Not that I wanted to have someone watch me, clean my gear or guide me, I just really wanted the chance to dive stress free and purely for fun to see some other areas of the Maldives. I was lucky that the Divemaster (DM) who I’d worked with on the island had some great connections and we ended up going as buddies on a week long liveaboard called ‘Ari Queen’.

All the liveaboard companies in the Maldives meet their guests as they land at the Airport, so DM and I went to wait for the rest of our group as they flew in from Israel and Italy. When we all got coordinated together, I realised the average age of the group was probably 45, and English was not the main language being spoken – Hebrew and Italian were! Despite this, I still managed to meet some great people during the trip, especially one lady, Lauren, who originally hailed from South Africa but had since moved to Israel and raised her family there. I also managed to become adopted by an Italian dental surgeon aka my Italian ‘Papa’. A funny jolly man, he would often see me underwater and we’d share a sign language joke and a giggle. Such great people you meet when traveling, and I love that age, nationality and religion can be completely put aside when you connect with someone’s spirit.

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