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Link Serve Smart Prize to be revealed tonight!

Link Serve has said that they would be unveiling the surprise inside the parcel they are promoting on social media as #BeSmart.

In the form of a blue box wrapped in a red ribbon, the “Be Smart” posts hit social media a few days ago. The next post of the promotion came with the same blue wrapped box but the red ribbon was cut. Then came the wrapping of the box. And the latest picture shows the box opening with the words “wait for it” in the background.

Inside Link Serve’s Smart Prize promotion.

Many are waiting to see what the surprise is. At the last, the box is going to be opened completely and unveil the surprise within. The unveiling would take place at Link Serve.

Link Serve said that a special prize will be offered when the box if finally opened.

Inside Link Serve’s Smart Prize promotion.

One of the leading companies in IT in the Maldives, Link Serve said that they company wants to make the public “smart” in every aspect of life with their surprise.

Inside Link Serve’s Smart Prize promotion.

Full details are available at the link below:

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