Lhaimagu youth plant coral on damaged reef

youth group in the Lhaimagu has carried out a coral planting programme to revitalise the northern island’s reef ahead of the introduction of local tourism.

The reef was damaged during a bout of extreme weather caused by Ockhi, a cyclone that formed off the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka in December last year.

Some corals washed ashore during swells and storm surges.

The Lhaimagu Ekuveringe Rooh planted corals in a 50 feet by 30 feet area in the island’s northeastern lagoon, the group informed local media Saturday.

Plans for the second phase of planting is in the pipeline.

The group secured funding from businesses and enlisted consultant Ismail Shareef, a divemaster who was involved in coral planting near the underwater restaurant built by the Conrad Rangalhi resort.

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Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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