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Lawyers request stay order to halt construction in Male’

A team of lawyers have asked the Civil Court for a temporary stay order to suspend construction work in Male’ City until safety measures and permit checks are verified by the authorities.

The lawsuit, requesting suspension of issuance of construction permit and suspension of construction work in Male’ City until regulations required under Construction Act are enacted and all safety measures in the Male’ Planning Regulation are enforced, was filed by Riza, Shafneez & Co, Wisham & Co, Aminath Aryj, Sofiyya Thaufeeq and Fathimath Shareef.

The team of lawyers pointed out in their lawsuit that Ministry of Housing had failed to establish the 14 regulations required under Construction Act within the required period and has requested the court to order the State authority to establish the regulations within 30 days.

Riza, Shafneez & Co wrote in a tweet this Monday that the regulations have been due for seven months.

The lawsuit follows a fatal construction accident in Male’ City last Sunday, when a sack of cement fell on top of an eight-year-old girl walking down the street, resulting in massive injuries.

The child passed away this Monday.

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