Lawmakers finally allowed inside parliament after six days

Galolhu South MP Ahmed Mahloof (R) and Hithadhoo Central MP Ibrahim Mohamed Didi pictured inside the parliament premises. PHOTO: AHMED MAHLOOF/TWITTER

Galolhu South MP Ahmed Mahloof (R) and Hithadhoo Central MP Ibrahim Mohamed Didi pictured inside the Parliament premises. PHOTO: AHMED MAHLOOF/TWITTER

Lawmakers were finally allowed to enter parliament premises on Sunday after six days of being locked out.

Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) had locked the gates to parliament last Monday and, with the aid Maldives Police Service, obstructed lawmakers that attempted to enter the premises. While some parliamentarians were able to force their way inside past barricades or over the walls, security forces and Police had forcibly removed them from the parliament building soon afterwards.

Over the following days, security forces remained on guard in front of the parliament chambers, barring all except Parliament administration staff from entering the building.

However, some lawmakers who went to Parliament again Sunday were allowed inside without any obstruction, and they were able to meet with the admin staff as well.

Lawmaker of Galolhu South constituency Ahmed Mahloof tweeted a picture of himself with Hithadhoo Central MP Ibrahim Mohamed Didi inside the Parliament premises. MP Mahloof also shared a video on Twitter which shows that the name plaques of Maduvvari MP Mohamed Ameeth, Thulusdhoo MP Mohamed Waheed Ibrahim and Villingili MP Saud Hussain have been restored, though the three have been pronounced ousted from their parliament seats by the Elections Commission.

The three ousted lawmakers are currently in Police custody over forcefully entering the parliament building during Monday’s conflict while they no longer hold seats in the chamber. While the Criminal Court has added 15 days to their remand, the three MPs have filed at the Supreme Court to overthrow the Elections Commission’s decision to oust them.

Opposition lawmakers who turned up to enter the parliament building last Monday have described the situation as the military sieging and taking over the parliament. However, the Ministry of Defence pronounced the allegations false in a statement Sunday, declaring that security had been increased around Parliament premises on Monday to prevent any actions that could compromise national security.

Police are also investigating cases of more lawmakers that had forced their way past police lines and barricades to enter the parliament premises on July 24. Some lawmakers have been summoned to Police Headquarters for questioning.

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