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Lagoon to be developed nearby Male’ for docking of safaris

A lagoon nearby the capital to be developed for safaris to harbour, pledged Mr Fayyaz Ismail, Economic Minister of Maldives.

Speaking at the Maldives Boating Award ceremony, Mr Fayyaz stated that the lack of a port for liveaboards is the most challenging issue faced by the boating industry, and the ministry is dedicated to helping for the development of the port.

This rudimentary necessity of a safe and spacious port has been lacking since the pioneering days of the industry. Earlier, the boats were docked at “Gulhi Falhu”, they were later relocated to the coast of Hulhumale’. It did not take long before they were ordered to leave the area, said Mr Fayyaz.

The Liveaboards Association of Maldives has always been dedicated to securing a sustainable port. And with the development of a new port, LAM expects the complaints from liveaboards will be answered.

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