Kurumba Maldives Celebrates Maldives Independence Day

Every year on the 26th of July, Maldives celebrates its Independence Day with a series of festivities to be held throughout the country. If you were to visit the Maldives in July, you would be promised a show on this day either on the main island- Male’ or in any other resort islands like Kurumba Maldives.

At Kurumba Maldives, we celebrated this special event in our unique way with many activities carrying out during the day. The colours of Maldivian flags and traditional costumes together with the beats of “boduberu” drums created an appealing picture of colours and sounds, giving guests a rare glimpse of the real Maldives.

Maldivian art & craft activities were one of the highlights of the event, attracting many guests to participate in. Guests at all ages were given a wonderful opportunity to learn more about some local arts & crafts through activities such as Roses Making Class with coconut leaves, Maldivian Flag Face Painting, Write Name in Dhivehi language on coconut shell. At night, Maldivian-inspired theme buffet at Vihamanaa restaurant offered a great choice for food lovers to experience Maldivian cuisine.

The day full of excitements ended enthusiastically with a Maldivian fashion show, Boduberu performance, a mix of Bandiyaa Jehun with Dhandi Jehun dance and DJ performance at Kandu Bar, remarked a successful event on the occasion of the 53rd celebration of Maldives Independence day.

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