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Kelaa health center rules viral fever outbreak now under control

H. A. Kelaa health centre has announced the viral fever outbreak at the island is now under control.

A senior administrator at the Kelaa health centre, Ibrahim Rushdhee reported to Sun that the island faced an increase in cases of viral fever and viral diarrhoea during the Eid al-Adha holiday.

“It resulted in a very high fever. The children were the most affected. 40 cases were identified on Thursday. And 25 cases were identified yesterday,” said Rushdhee.

The sole doctor at the island had also fallen victim to the outbreak, resulting in another doctor being dispatched from the atolls to the health centre.

Kelaa health centre previously provided the services of an Egyptian doctor and an Indian doctor. But the Egyptian doctor has been serving alone at the health centre since the resignation of the Indian doctor.

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