Kamaaluddin loses in JP deputy leader race

Former Cabinet minister, Abdulla Kamaaluddin has lost in the race to elect deputy leaders for Jumhoory Party (JP).

Four deputy leaders were elected at JP’s Congress, which was held at Paradise Island Resort last Friday.

Five candidates ran in the race to elect four deputy leaders for JP, including the current deputy leader of JP, Kamaaluddin.

Kamaaluddin, lost the race, losing his seat as deputy leader of JP.

Candidates who won the JP deputy leader race:

Ameen Ibrahim, former Minister of Transport

Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan

Abdulla Ameen, former Minister at President’s Office

Mohamed Fayaz (FA), former Deputy Commissioner of Police

Ameen Ibrahim and Dr. Hussain were elected deputy leaders for a consecutive term.

No of votes:

Abdulla Ameen: 237 votes

Ameen Ibrahim: 227 votes

Dr. Hussain: 224 votes

Fayaz: 167 votes

Kamaaluddin: 106 votes

The position of leader of JP remains vacant as no one applied for the position. The party made the decision to keep the position vacant pending instructions of former leader of JP, Qasim Ibrahim.

Former Chairperson of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Ali Waheed was elected president of JP and Dr. Abdulla Mausoom was elected vice president of JP.

The 15 members elected to JP’s council includes the youngest wife of Qasim Ibrahim, Aishath Nahula.

JP council members:

Aishath Nahula

Ashad Ali (Adubarey)

Mohamed Saeed

Mohamed Fikury

Ahmed Moosa

Hassan Sujau

Hussain Rasheed

Ahmed Saud

Ahmed Riyaz

Ahmed Mohamed

Nihad Mohamed Ali

Sofwan Mahmood

Aneesa Saeed

Abdulla Rasheed Moosa

Hussain Ahmed

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