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Justin: Bringing Cosplay Culture to the Maldives


Justin (Hussain) is a popular stylist and make-up artist already famous throughout Maldives despite his young age, but what most don’t know is that Justin is also a trailblazer of the cosplay culture.

Cosplay festivals in the Maldives is only a few years old, but with the large amount of gaming and anime/manga fans, the movement has gained momentum fast and is becoming some of the most attended festivals in the country.

Shinzou Con 2014, the first cosplay event in the Maldives, was the brainchild of Justin and a few of his friends.

Cosplayers at World Series of Video Games 2015

“It all began at a MNU Japanese Language class. We were asked to come up with something to promote Japan and create awareness of Japanese Culture within the Maldives. Cosplay is something I have always been interested in and it’s related to my field. Everyone agreed with the idea and we made plans to start Shinzou Con.”

Introducing something like cosplaying to the Maldives wasn’t an easy task, but Justin and his team were determined to make their dream come true.

“We had no idea how many people were interested and finding sponsors was a whole new level of difficulty”, Justin explained with a small laugh. “They didn’t know what cosplaying is, or why they should sponsor it, but we had a very strong, very motivated team. We refused to give up, and when we finally opened up registration for the event, we were overwhelmed with positive responses. The entire experience was incredibly fulfilling.”

Justin awards winners of MAG17 Cosplay Competition © Millzero

Justin now joins most cosplay events in the Maldives as a judge, but it is his dream to be able to participate in an international competition. He names Yaya Han as his cosplay idol.

“My family has always been extremely supportive of my field and work. I am very proud to say everyone in my family are cosplayers and that makes me very happy. One of my fondest memories is when my entire family played Dance Dance Revolution together at Shinzou Con while in full cosplay!”

Justin, posing with his family at Shinzou Con 2014 © Millzero

Justin, posing with his family at Shinzou Con 2014 © Millzero

Less than 05 years old, the Cosplay movement in Maldives has a bright future according to Justin. He cites the large amount of designers and crafters in the country as proof that cosplay could be a very fun and practical career here.

“Costume making is crafting and designing mixed together. Many people are crafters too and there are specialists who make costumes for school dances and events. I get a lot of offers now to make costumes, so it is entirely possible to be professional cosplayers or costume makers in the Maldives.”

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