‘Jumhoory Coalition’ opposed by other parties

The shadow cabinet announced by the Leader of the Jumhoory Party, Qasim Ibrahim, today as the “Jumhoory Coalition” has been opposed by the other opposition political parties.

JP Leader, Qasim Ibrahim announced his shadow cabinet today through Facebook Live. His shadow cabinet had positions for the two daughters of the former President, Maumoon, as well.

And while other positions were given to members of the Adhaalath Party and his own, JP, no positions were given to MDP.

A tweet sent out by Adhaalath Party said that they would not make any coalitions aside from the work they do with the united opposition parties. And tweeting on behalf of the former President, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Aminath Naadhira said that the priority would be the nation and national interests and said that discussions are underway at the committees of the united opposition coalition.

In regards to the JP shadow cabinet, the MP for South Galolhu constituency, Ahmed Mahloof said that he is very surprised that a cabinet was announced without MDP and without the knowledge of the people mentioned in the shadow cabinet.

The Facebook Live on which the JP Leader Qasim announced his shadow cabinet has since been deleted.

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