JP withdraws support for its nominee for Mahibadhoo constituency

Jumhoory Party (JP) has withdrawn its support for Ahmed Sunil – its nominee for the Mahibadhoo constituency in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Sunil, in an interview to ‘Sun’ this Saturday, said the Secretary-General of JP, Hussain Rasheed called him two-three days back and told him “Sunil, you lack support in Mahibadhoo constituency” and informed him of JP’s withdrawal of support.

SG Hussain Rasheed, when asked about the phone call, issued a blanket denial.

Hussain said he made no such phone call to Sunil or any other JP member and added that JP was yet to officially pick a candidate for the Mahibadhoo constituency.

Sunil announced he intended to continue with his election bid as an independent candidate.

“JP issued me the ticket and then withdrew it. I have decided to contest as an independent candidate. In Sha Allah, I will submit by candidacy application soon,” said Sunil.

Sunil alleges JP has formed an understanding with Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and will be supporting its candidate, the current Mahibadhoo MP Ahmed Toriq (Tom) for re-election.

JP has so far issued tickets to its candidates to contest for 43 constituencies. Six of JP’s candidates have submitted candidacy applications to the Elections Commission so far.

Meanwhile, ‘Sun’ has been informed PPM has withdrawn tickets issued to 25 of its candidates and will be endorsing JP candidates for the 25 constituencies.

JP claims the decision came without any prior understanding or discussion between the two parties.

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