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Josh Kerr Wins World’s Most Deluxe Surf Event in the Maldives

One gets the impression that Kerrzy is not missing the WCT so much right now — especially the whole traditional high performance thruster aspect. First, he joined us for our twin-fin guide. Then, he announces the WSL Airshow, which he’ll be running. Then, he goes and takes out the fanciest surf contest in the world, the Four Seasons Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy, which included twin-fin, single-fin and thruster divisions.

“This was such an incredible event to be a part of,” Kerr said. “The waves just got better every day up until now where they are totally pumping – I never thought I’d get so barreled here in the Maldives. I got to surf a heat with every competitor these last few days, which was really cool. Everyone was in great spirits and brought something different to the event. It was so cool to surf with Alejo today, the surfing he was doing was amazing. The concept of this event is really cool, I like surfing different boards these days so I guess this is the perfect event for me – I’m stoked to be coming back next year but probably not as much as my family, they love it here.”

2018 FS Maldives Surfing Champions Trophy Leaderboard

Josh Kerr 2800pts
Alejo Muniz 2700pts
Freddy Patacchia Jnr 2600pts
C.J. Hobgood 2400pts
Abdulla ‘Fuku’ Areef 2400pts

Single Fin Division Results
1. Josh Kerr
2. C.J. Hobgood
=3. Alejo Muniz, Freddy Patacchia
=4. Abdulla Fuku Areef, Bruce Irons

Twin Fin Division Results
1. Josh Kerr
2. Alejo Muniz
=3. CJ Hobgood, Abdulla Fuku Areef
4. Fred Patacchia

Thruster Division Results
1. Freddy Patacchia Jnr (HAW)
2. Alejo Muniz (BRA)
3. Josh Kerr (AUS) with Abdulla Fuku Areef (MDV)
5. C.J. Hobgood (USA)

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