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Job seekers hope Maldives stalemate will blow over

Hundreds of young job aspirants from the State are hopeful that the Centre will solve the diplomatic standoff between India and the Maldives following the political crisis that has engulfed the Indian Ocean archipelago.

For the past two months, Amal Vishnu of Ayancheri village in Vadakara taluk of Kozhikode district is glued to social media sites scouting for the latest developments in the Maldives ever since the Maldives immigration authority deferred his work visa at a star hotel. “We are hopeful of a turnaround as companies offering job visas were optimistic about the future,” he told The Hindu .

The 26-year-old was to join in March after he quit his job at a Dubai hotel after paying compensation for breaking the contract.

Amal, a graduate from the Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Kovalam, said: ‘‘Initially, I received an email from the hotel authorities stating that the approval may take another two months. But now, I am told that it is difficult to get employment visa for Indian nationals since February,” he said.

The immigration system in the Maldives has not approved visa applications for more than three months. “Most of us are told that there is no sign of a solution soon. And we have been recommended to take up any other assignment at the next opportunity rather than sit at home without a job,” Mr. Amal said.

Recently, the job aspirants formed a collective via WhatsApp and Facebook. Some of them have taken up the issue with the Ministry of External Affairs on Twitter. “We have apprised Akhilesh Mishra, Ambassador of India to the Maldives, of the situation” C. Varun, another job seeker, said. However, the IFS officer, he said, had replied that the embassy could not do much as grant of visa by the Maldivian government was not in their hands. “It is their sovereign right to issue or deny visa to anyone.” A few days ago, the Immigration Department had issued visa to some doctors and teachers as the government there could not run the hospitals and schools, Mr. Varun said.

About 90% of the hospital staff in the Maldives are Indians and 70% of the teachers are from Kerala. Hospitality and tourism industries are the mainstay of the country. “Just as the Maldivians visit India for treatment, they also require our skilled workforce,” Mr. Amal said.

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I wonder how long the visa drama will continue in the Maldives. It is well known that besides food and pharmaceutical imports from India, Maldives cannot function without skilled doctors, nurses, medical technicians and teachers from India.
Lets face it Mallus, apart from catching tuna, you have zero talents in other fields. This is understandable when you see the abysmal standard of higher education on the atolls.
Be grateful for the cheap skilled labour that India offers.
Indian expats based in Maldives should ensure they are adequately remunerated for their skills, have suitable accommodation and their passports are not confiscated by their employers.


Poor you. Does the RAW IT cell pay you ok?


Or BJP IT cell paying? Pooor sweatshop worker. You could earn more in sonagachi


Hey retard Mumbaikar, you seem to know all about Sonagachi. Is your mother doing business there? Maybe your little sister is working as a masseuse in Falkland Road? Is your transgender brother hustling in Male docks? My english language skills are an indication of my social class and background. There are millions of Indians, like me, who are better educated, widely travelled and far wealthier than you. Your arrogant and condesending attitude towards Indians is therefore laughable. Mallus like you have all the airs and arrogance of the Arabs but without the money. You behave like flat broke Saudis and… Read more »