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Janah replaced with Adnan Haleem on Minimum wage board

Mr Ali Janah has been replaced on the minimum wage board by the Secretary-General of the National Federation of Maldivian Employers Mr Adnan Haleem.

Mr Janah resigned from all his appointed posts on government boards including the Minimum wage board last May due to criticism he received on social media and was replaced by Mr Adnan who was appointed to the post on May 14.

A copy of the letter of appointment of Mr Adnan Haleem, who is the current Secretary-General of Maldives National Association of Construction Industry, has been obtained by the “Sun”.

He has also served as a member appointed by the president in the 15th and 16th parliament as well as other government posts. Mr Adnan served as the Executive Coordinator of Environment Ministry and Housing Ministry in the previous administration of President Yameen.

The minimum wage board is mandatory under the Employment law of Maldives. The board provides recommendations to the Economic Ministry regarding the minimum wages and salaries as well as overseeing the working conditions of establishments in the country.

The board was formed on the labour day on May 1 and will conclude its work and make recommendations to the Economic Ministry regarding the minimum wage of the country by the end of December.

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