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Islamic centre courtyard ‘rectified’

>March 21 09:07 2017

The housing ministry has completed replacing cracked floor tiles on the Islamic centre’s courtyard, less than ten months after the praying area of the capital’s largest mosque was extended with a marble floor.

“Islamic centre ‘pattern area’ rectified,” Housing Minister Dr Mohamed Muiz announced Sunday night and the courtyard was opened to the public the next day.

The project to lay marble tiles on a floor area exceeding 4,200 square meters was initially completed in June 2016 with grant aid worth US$1.14 million from the Chinese government.

However, a month later, cracks began appearing on the blue, pink and green marble flooring, prompting criticism of the housing ministry and allegations of corruption.

Local media later reported that the housing ministry had used ceramic tiles instead of marble.

Six months after the courtyard was opened, the housing ministry walled off the area again to redo the flooring.

Muiz at the time blamed the contractors for using low-quality materials and failing to carry out the work to the standard required by the ministry. He said the contractor would redo the flooring free of charge.

Full details are available from the link below:

Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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