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Is it time to reconsider law in the Maldives?

Husnu Su’ood, president of the presidential commission created by the President Solih, has accused the Maldivian Judiciary and the judges of Criminal Court of having connections with gangs and being influenced by them. Though such accusations are nothing new, Mr Su’ood empowered the previous accusations by his words.

Mr Nazim Sattar also clarified that he had previously been threatened by a gang for reporting a Criminal Court judge, hence supporting the statement made by Mr Su’ood.

Mr Nazim Sattar

In an interview, an anonymous source has revealed multiple revelations about certain actions by the judges. One such revelation was that some of the judges have blackmailed the families of criminal youngsters during the campaign for the recently held elections into voting for the candidate the judges liked using the crimes of their children.

He also mentioned the many unexplained acquittals of criminals charged of many brutal murders such as that of Aseel Ahmed in 2014. He believes that acquitting those who killed him was done due to the connections between gangs and judges. In addition, he talked about the killing of Ahmed Aruham in Lorenzo Park in 2012 and how the charged criminals were suddenly released during the collection of evidence in court.

Aseel Ahmed

Accusations will keep coming. There are many more such mysterious cases that have been closed without satisfactory explanations. We can only hope that someday, a more open and transparent panel of judges will work to get justice to those who deserve and that someday the gang activities too will subside.

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