Irfan raises concerns over team selection ahead of tonight’s semi-final

Head Coach of Club TCL, Ahmed Irufan says that he is concerned over team selection for tonight’s semi-final match against HDC, as their two key players clash the fixture with FAM’s 2nd Division 2018.

Irufan further stated that he has not decided yet if he is going to bring any changes in the team selection as Mohamed Riffath (Rippe) and Hussain Shareef (Only) have their 2nd Division match today. Both of them play for “Da Gang Amigos New Generation” in 2nd Division, and their match against Club Zefrol is to play at 16:00hrs today.

Reflecting on HDC, Irufan said that HDC is one of the toughest opponents in this year’s competition. He added saying that, it will not be an easy task to dominate against them.

“HDC is one of the toughest opponents in the tournament. It will be difficult to defeat them. But I am not afraid. I am positive. My players are positive. So I believe that we can dominate against them tonight, but with the praise of almighty”, Irufan said.

When asked about the team’s dedication to the tournament, Irufan said that he is happy with the performance of his players. And that the key to the strong display in the tournament is due to the dedication of the team management as well.

“Our excellent performance so far in the tournament is due to the dedication of the team management and players. Management is doing their part perfectly, so is the players. Players have been giving one hundred percent in the practice, and that is the reason they are performing well. A player cannot do a new thing in a match, without attempting to do it in the practice”, Irufan expressed regarding their performance.

Irufan is optimistic to defend the title this year with TCL. He won it last year with MRDC after a thrilling final against MPL.

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