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Investigative Commission to look into 24 cases

The Commission formed to investigate the deaths and missing person cases has said that they will be looking into 24 cases.

Chairperson of the Commission, Husnu Suood, at the President’s Office press conference today said that 24 cases have been set for investigation when they opened to a public inquiry.

Suood announced all 24 cases which include the murder of MP Dr Afrashim Ali, blogger, Yaamin Rasheed and the Maldivian student, Raudha Athif, who was found dead in Bangladesh along with the disappearance of the journalist, Ahmed Rilwan.

He said that two of these cases are public inquiries.

The cases being investigated by the Commission are:

  1. Murder of Dr Afrashim Ali
  2. Murder of Ibrahim Agil near MMA
  3. A death in 2014
  4. Death of Ahmed Vishal in Laamu atoll Kalaidhoo
  5. Murder of Mohamed Anas
  6. Death of Nadhal Rasheed
  7. Death of Moosa Naeem at Dhoonidhoo Jail
  8. Death of Ali Abdulla in jail
  9. Death of Raudha Athif
  10. Death of Abdulla Rasheed Mohamed
  11. Death of Abdul Shakoor Abdulla
  12. Murder of Yaamin Rasheed
  13. Murder of Ahmed Nazeef Shaukath found killed in Adi Park
  14. Death of Mohamed Shahud
  15. Murder of the Bangladeshi national, Shaheen Mia
  16. Murder of  Ali Ziyadham in Laamu atoll Mundoo
  17. Two deaths in Malé City in 2016
  18. Murder of Ahmed Jailam Shakir (Hundred Flower, Male’ City)
  19. Death of Nashid Moosa at Fuvahmulah City
  20. Death of a five-month-year-old baby at the Kudakudhinge Hiyaa orphanage in 2016

Public inquiries are taken by the Commission:

  1. The disappearance of Ahmed Misfaaq, who went missing from the special needs centre
  2. The disappearance of Mohamed Shafeeu Ibrahim
  3. The disappearance of Abdulla Maail
  4. The disappearance of the journalist, Ahmed Rilwan

At the press conference today, Suood said that the murder of Mohamed Ibthihal is not on the list because they are in talks with the family to launch an investigation. Suood assured that it is a case that will be investigated by the Commission.

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