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“Integrated tourism failed due to how implementation was planned” – Inner Maldives Firaaq

According to owner of Inner Maldives, Mr. Mohamed Firaaq, integrated tourism concept failed because of how the government planned on implementing it.

Mr. Firaaq spoked about the integrated tourism concept, and criticized the government’s plans on establishing an integrated tourist resort at Laamu Baresdhoo.

“The used model was not appropriate for this concept. The hope is that if certain islands are developed to the guesthouse industry, then instead of a huge fee, a more nominal, or reasonable fee can be charged. I believe this would make it more feasible”, stated Firaaq.

Firaaq also added that Maldives will become a top luxury destination in the near future, and only the guesthouse industry will be left to cater for the budget market. Therefore, it is imperative that we develop the guesthouse industry.

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