Inflation Rate Rises by 0.4% in April 2019

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For the first time in 2019, inflation rates have risen by 0.40 in April 2019 as per statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics. The reason for the rise is due to the increase in fuel prices in the Maldives market.

The greatest price increase was seen in fruits with 21.28%. Fruits were followed by Restaurants and Cafés with 4.24% with motorcycles following feat with a 7.35% rise. In addition, household supplies showed a rise of 0.62% while rents from homes rose by 0.04 %. Lastly, bread and cereals showed 0.11% growth in April 2019.

The main products which showed a decrease in price include fish with a 1.89% decrease. Vegetables decreased by 3.64% while audio and recording devices decreased by 3.86%. Home appliances decreased by 1.51% while dairy products decreased by 0.17%. Interior designing appliance prices dropped by 2.11% while meat prices dropped by 0.58%.

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