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Individual lodges case against ACC

A case against the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC)’s decision concerning National Defence Force (MNDF’s) former Chief of Defence Force, Major General Ahmed Shiyam was submitted to the Maldives Police Service on Tuesday.

The complaint, lodged by an anonymous individual, concerns the accommodation of Shiyam’s father Ibrahim Shakir at MNDF’s VIP facility in Vilimale’ for a period of one year and six months while receiving medical treatment.

ACC had closed the case concerning the matter after ruling that there was no evidence of corruption or wrongdoing, highlighting that the VIP facility was used at the discretion of the Chief of Defence Force, Vice-Chief of Defence Force, and the Coastguard Commander.

However, the complaint asserted that Shiyam had used undue influence as he was only able to arrange accommodation at the VIP facility due to his position as Chief of Defence Force.

It was also highlighted that Shiyams actions are prohibited under Article 513 (b) of the Penal Code which prohibits public officials from using their authority to obtain personal benefits or to secure benefits for another individual.

Therefore, the complaint claimed that ACC’s decision to close the case enabled Shiyam’s misuse of authority.

Despite ruling that no corruption was involved in the aforementioned case, ACC had previously urged the amendment of regulations concerning the usage of the VIP facility.

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