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Indian ambassador ‘summoned’ over lawmaker’s call to invade Maldives

Photo shows India’s ambassador to the Maldives Akhilesh Mishra.

India’s ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Ministry Sunday after an Indian lawmaker said the Maldives should be invaded if the upcoming presidential election is rigged, according to local media.

“India should invade Maldives if rigging of election takes place,” said Subramanian Swamy, days after meeting former president Mohamed Nasheed to discuss the opposition’s concerns over electoral fraud.

His tweet provoked outrage on both sides of the Maldives political divide with criticism from ministers, lawmakers, opposition figures and former senior diplomats.

Mihaaru reported that Akhilesh Mishra was questioned by foreign secretary Ahmed Sareer. But the Foreign Ministry’s political director, Heena Waleed, told the Maldives Independent that she “has not received any information that the ambassador was summoned.”

Mishra visited the Foreign Ministry on Sunday for a briefing arranged by Foreign Minister Dr. Mohamed Asim for seven diplomatic missions in the Maldives, she added.

The first secretary and press officer at the Indian High Commission, Archana Nair, also told the Maldives Independent that she was unaware of local media reports. She promised to return a call after confirming.

Islamist group Jamiyyathul Salaf condemned the “indirect and direct calls by some politicians to invade the Maldives,” referring to the meeting between Swamy and Nasheed.

“We want to declare that committing an act that endangers the independence and sovereignty of an Islamic country or calling for such an act, and helping enemies of the country and religion to carry out such an act, is a big sin under Islamic sharia,” a statement read.

New Delhi earlier distanced itself from the remarks and said Swamy’s opinion “does not reflect the views of the Government of India.”

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL:  Maldives Independent

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It is time to bring China in. The Hindutva extremists will only fear Chinese. See how they squeezed their tails in Dhoklam issue. The small minded Brahmin India can never March Chinese


Mumbaikar it seems you are overdosing on the hash oil again like the rest of your countrymen. Bring in China by all means. How pathetic that Maldivian politics these days is all about playing off India against China. According to the Islamist Group asking for a soverign nation to invade a muslim country is a big sin under Islamic sharia. That is ok with us Indians. As cow worshipping infidels, Islamic sharia is totally irrelevent for us. Being a progressive secular country, we do not have medieval religious laws in India and have no plans to introduce them any time… Read more »