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India seeks UN fact-finding panel for Maldives

India has urged the UN to send a fact-finding mission to Maldives and impressed countries to ask their judiciaries to support chief justice of the Maldives supreme court who has been imprisoned by the President following the order to release Opposition leaders.

The United Nations Security Council had held a meeting on Thursday to discuss the current political crisis in Maldives. Ahead of the meeting, UN Assistant Secretary, General Miroslav Jenca, reported to have informed the council that while there were no reports of violent clashes, “the situation in the Maldives is tense and may deteriorate”.

The UN Secretary General had asked the Maldivian government to respect the Supreme Court order of February 1 for the immediate release and retrial on nine political figures sentenced to prison, and the immediate reinstatement of 12 parliamentarians.

Officials in New Delhi indicated that India has also approached various countries to direct respective judiciaries to support chief justice of Maldives in this hour of crisis. There are reports that the chief justice is under duress and is being tortured in prison. India is also advising various other countries who have not used travel advisories to issue such to pressure the Yameen government with tourism being the mainstay of the Maldivian economy.

India’s move comes amid China softening its position on Delhi’s role in Maldives. China is in touch with India to discuss a way to resolve the political crisis in the Maldives and does not want the issue to become another “flashpoint” between the two neighbours, Chinese officials with direct knowledge of the matter said.

“We note that China has said that Maldives has the ability to protect the security of Chinese personnel and institutions. We hope that all countries can play a constructive role in Maldives, instead of doing the opposite,” an MEA spokesperson said.

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