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India restores supply of eggs and pulses to Maldives

In June the Indian government had allowed the export of potatoes, onions, rice wheat flour and sugar to Maldives.

The government has allowed the supply of over 23 crores of eggs and 122.23 MT of pulses to Maldives for 2017-18 without any restrictions or prohibition for export, under the bilateral trade agreement between Government of India and Government of Maldives during the period 2017-18 w.e.f. April 2017.

A notification No.20/2015-2020 to the effect has been issued by the DGFT on August 14, 2017, mentioning that this decision is effective from April 2017.

It should be recollected that earlier in June the Indian government had agreed to allow the export of 11714.45 MT of potato, 19466.36 MT of onion, 67640.24 MT of rice, 59442.17 MT of wheat flour and 11706.30 MT of sugar for FY of 2017-18 to Maldives. These were also exempted from any existing or future restriction/prohibition on export.

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